There are no concrete statements on the exact limitation of the BMW M4 CS, but our sister magazine Bimmertoday has received further information on the limited availability of the new special model from a reliable source. Thus the production of the BMW M4 CS is not limited to an exact number of units, but rather limited by the planned production period and the production capacities. BMW is currently assuming that no more than 3,000 copies of the BMW M4 CS will be sold worldwide.

The home market of Germany stands for about one-tenth of the planned volume, or approximately 300 BMW M4 CS is expected for German customers in Garching.

If, for unexpected reasons, suddenly 320 German buyers have placed orders, the M Division would, however, with high probability, send no one home disappointed – the 300 units are neither a limitation in the actual sense nor a strictly scarce availability, instead, the number is rather to be understood as an orientation for the expected sales.

The BMW M4 CS will cost at least 116,900 euros.

Together with an even more stringent tuning of the chassis, the M GmbH promises a Nürburgring round time of 7:38 minutes, making the BMW M4 CS the second fastest series BMW in the Green Hell. Only the much more radical M4 GTS is 10 seconds faster, but in return requires a little more compromise in everyday life – for example by the absence of a rear seat and the greatly reduced sound insulation.