It’s almost impossible to not love the BMW 2002. It’s small, funky, old and still personifies all of the qualities that used to make BMW great. It’s also one of the most heavily modified BMWs in the history of the brand, as it’s cheap to buy and cheap to modify. Plus, it’s capable of housing nearly any combination of engine and transmission in BMW’s historic lineup. This one, though, is very cool and modified the right way and, if you have the money, you should buy it right now.

If you’re wondering about the strange UPS livery, it’s a bit of a joke because the car was painted brown. If you look closely, it says “Ludicrously Fast Delivery” on the side. However, forget about the UPS livery because this is a seriously cool car.

Under the hood lies a modified variant of the car’s original M10 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, with dual Weber carburetors, upgraded 292 cams, lightened connecting rods and Ross high-compression pistons. You can also see some of the suspension upgrades that have been made, such as the widened wheel track, accentuated by the fender flares, new CAtuned coilovers with 30-way adjustable dampers.

On the inside, the cabin was stripped out a bit and fitted with four-point harnesses. The seats are stock but have been upgraded with extra side bolster-padding as well as ventilation. A Momo steering wheel also dominates the driving position.

This car is currently up for sale on Bring-A-Trailer and looks very good. It’s one of the cooler BMW 2002 builds, as it still maintains the purity of the 2002 while also adding more power, better handling and cool looks. The UPS livery is kind of odd but it’s funny and that gives the 2002 even more character than it already has. While its current bidding price is $15,000, we think that’s a good price for such a unique and, seemingly, high-quality BMW 2002 build.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]