BMW M has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of an M2 GTS, but recent reports indicate that a hardcore model based on the M2 Coupe is coming. So it comes as no surprise that some tuning shops are already putting together their own versions of the M2 GTS. Take for example the folks at TPS Performance who have taken the compact sportsman in its standard form and turned on all relevant adjusting screws to deliver a track-ready racing machine. The end result should be able to circumnavigate the Nürburgring Nordschleife in less than 7:30 minutes (Bridge to Gantry) – and thus clearly undercut the series M2.

The announced performance leap is made possible thanks to high-quality components from renowned manufacturers. For example, TPS Performance incorporates a KW Clubsport 3-thread coilover with individual setup, an Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust system and Recaro pole position seats.

In addition, this custom BMW M2 GTS features components that are more than 12 kilograms lighter, with an additional air outlet and the adjustable carbon tailgate, just like the transmission software from the big brother from Garching.

A lightweight front spoiler blade provides extra pressure on the front axle and helps particularly on winding roads. The high performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires also show their full potential on the track, which is enhanced by the use of light forged wheels from HRE – 19-inch front with 265 tires, on the rear axle – 285 millimeters wide rubbers.

The braking system of the BMW M2 F87 has been significantly upgraded with Evolity steelflex brake lines, Pagid RSL29 linings on the front and rear axles, and ATE SuperRacing brake fluid, and will now be able to handle the race on the racetrack without any complaints.

To ensure the BMW M2 GTS from TPS Performance is as fast as it looks at the first glance, the engine has also been reworked. Behind the GTS hood are an Eventuri carbon intake, larger charge air coolers, 300-cell downpipes from HJS and a Boost Cooler with water injection from Snow Performance to lay the foundations for a new programming of the engine software.

The bottom line is about 440 hp and 650 newton meters of torque which are sent to the rear wheels. Thanks to the reduced weight, the TPS BMW M2 GTS should be even more subjectively stronger. The diet is also supplemented by a carbon roof and the interior, but some of the savings are compensated by Wiechers’ installed club sports strap.

[Photos: Nicolas Wegerer Photography / TPS Performance | Bimmertoday]