New BMW 1 Series arriving in 2018 with refreshed styling and front-wheel drive

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Arguably, the 1 Series is BMW’s most fun car to drive today and has been a huge seller for the Bavarians in Europe. But the …

Arguably, the 1 Series is BMW’s most fun car to drive today and has been a huge seller for the Bavarians in Europe. But the 1 Series hatchback as we know it, will make room for a new generation of compact sport hatches in 2018.

The new 1 Series will use the UKL platform – and will continue to be built under the Fxx designation, F40 – featured on the BMW X1 and MINI range, which means the power will now be sent to the front-wheels. Therefore, the longer wheelbase and absence of a propshaft will free up more space for passengers in the back, and also increase boot capacity. The new 1 Series should also be marginally taller and wider.

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The design language will continue to be along the recently unveiled BMWs, so expect slimmer LED headlights connecting to the kidney grille, sleeker side views and a sportier lower front fascia.

As the UKL platform is only compatible with four-cylinder engines, that means the next flagship M140i will have to ditch its sonorous straight-six engine in favor of a turbocharged four-cylinder. The all-wheel drive xDrive system will continue to be offered on certain models.

The engines range will be adopted from the MINI and X1 line-ups. Entry-level cars, likely to be badged 116d, should come powered by an updated version of BMW’s 1.5-liter three-cylinder diesel, while a turbocharged three-cylinder petrol unit should appear in the 118i. Larger and more powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be found in the 120i and 120d respectively.

BMW will also use the next 1 Series to launch a wider roll-out of its iPerformance line-up. Joining BMW’s five other plug-in hybrid models will be an electrified 1 Series using a tuned version of the powertrain found in the MINI Countryman Cooper E.

Whether the hatch as we know it today will continue to carry the 1 Series badge or the rumored 2 Series moniker, it remains to be seen, but the new model will be a direct competitor with models such as the Volkswagen Golf R, Mercedes-AMG A45 and Ford Focus RS.

[Source: AutoExpress]


12 responses to “New BMW 1 Series arriving in 2018 with refreshed styling and front-wheel drive”

  1. Crux says:

    FWD. What a shame. Welps, still hoping that this hatchback makes it into US soil. AWD hatch bimmer is badly needed in this congested world we live it. Perfect daily commuter w a roundel badge. Yes please!

    P.S. Still pissed that its going from RWD to FWD and losing the mighty inlines. Smh

    • John says:

      They won’t sell this in the states, cause it will make BMWs look affordable. They have to preserve the image for badge snobs.

      • FU says:

        Thats strange because in the UK they are seen as a very common car. Only the twats fall for the marketing badge and silly ‘Ultimate bullshit’ slogan.

      • Crux says:

        Its already way too affordable. So many bimmers on the road. I think they need to increase prices on all their models so its not so attainable. Bump up the profit margin. Make ///M cars really special by increase their price by 3x lol. I like exclusivity and badge snobbery is the sh*t.

        This can still make it here. Just bump up a pricing a bit so it doesn’t make the brand cheaper.

    • SF Dede says:

      I too wish it remained RWD and was brought to the US.

  2. SydneyBlue120d says:

    We can only hope in a next generation 2 Series coupé.

  3. anotheran says:

    Sweet. The cost cutting and brand dilution continues as BMW fights for bigger marketshare. Can’t wait for a 4-door FWD 2 series to fight the A3

  4. Jakub D says:

    Does it mean that 2 series will be fwd too? M2 will be like mercedes CLA Amg and it would gain xdrive?

    • Weiman says:

      Not necessarily. It is possible that it will be based on a shrunken 3-series platform.

      • bmw driver says:

        Why would they do that? Sales of the FWD 1 series will be sky high. The 2 series active tourer outsells the coupe 5-1. There is no business case for the 2 series coupe. BMW has given up competing with Porsche and won’t be needing a compact RWD platform. The RWD 2 series will most likely disappear. Before idiot fanboys get started, I own an M2 and I was here telling everyone 6 months ago that the next 1 series would be FWD and UKL based. I wonder if any of the idiots who flamed me back then will apologise?

  5. SF Dede says:

    I read on Motoringfile that upcoming MINIs will have the option of a DCT. Does that mean this will have that option as well? Still hoping it is sold in the US.

  6. Chris says:

    The FWD vs RWD discussion will be obsolete when the move to BEV is finished.

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