The presence a bimmer brings to the road is one of the most attractive things about BMW cars, but for that little bit extra, a touch of tint on your glass is a functional and sharp-looking upgrade, and one of the cheapest things you can do to improve its look. Adding tint is a project people often outsource, but with a little bit of homework, a few tools and some dedication, you can apply tint to your BMW on your own.

Perhaps you live in a sunny climate and want to shield your eyes from the harsh sun, or you simply like the way your car looks with darker glass. Tint has several useful applications, so if you’re planning to apply it, you should consider saving some money and doing it yourself.

Make It Legal

You should make sure that adding modifications to window glass won’t earn the attention of local law enforcement. Each state has different regulations about how much tint you can add on each window, so check to be sure you’re within the letter of the law for your state before applying tint.

Make Sure It Fits

Before custom-cut tint was available in kits sized for your specific vehicle, applying tint meant measuring windows yourself and accounting for things like the extra bit of glass that goes beneath the window opening. Now, you can find a kit that will fit your BMW perfectly, which is a lot more DIY-friendly than the non-precut rolls of tint.

Get to Tintin’

With the right tint selected, application makes a good afternoon project. Begin by collecting the right supplies — you’ll want window-cleaning supplies, a razor, a scraper blade, an application squeegee and a heat gun to set the applicant off.

With your windows clean, apply application solution on the inside of your BMW’s windows. Be sure not to over-spray onto door trim, as applicant can be difficult to clean off. On the exterior glass, use the scraper to remove dirt and debris from your window, and then use the squeegee to clean off any remaining grime.

Next, apply application solution to the window exteriors. Roll your windows down a quarter inch to cover the extra glass, and carefully fit the film and use your razor blade to cut it to size. Carefully remove the backing from the film and apply it in a rolling motion down the window glass, applying applicator to the adhesive part of the film as you remove the backing. Fold the bottom edge back onto itself to avoid touching your door trim.

You’re almost finished. Push extra air and water out from under the film using your squeegee wrapped in a microfiber cloth. The cloth will soak up extra solution, and can be used to clean off any excess when you’re done.

Good job — you’ve saved yourself some money and put a sweet-looking tint job on your car. Now all that’s left to do is let it dry, and take your ride out in style.