If there is one thing the BMW M2 isn’t missing, is the raw power. Even in standard form, the 370 horsepower are more than enough for most drivers. But that hasn’t stopped tuners from around the world aiming to break the power records for the compact sportscar. Take for example Aulitzky Tuning which not only decided to bump the power to astonishing levels, but also give the M2 a new heart.

The German tuning shop took the S55 3.0 liter six-cylinder powerplant from the M3/M4 and implanted it in the M2, bringing the power output to 620 ponies and 850 Nm of torque. Now, the compact M2 can keep up with the level of performance of the new BMW M760Li xDrive.


With these basic data, the Aulitzky M2 not only outshines the 370 hp standard M2, but also the factory-supplied S55, which is available from the factory with 431 to 450 hp. The significant power bump requires some serious hardware upgrades, like new turbochargers, downpipes and carbon intake, a Remus exhaust system and a water-methanol injection are used to drive the engine to the next higher performance class.

In order to be able to convert the considerably larger engine power permanently into measurably more performance, Aulitzky Tuning uses, among other things, the transmission of the M4 GTS as well as a KW Clubsport threaded gear. A discreet rear spoiler lip of carbon fiber and Yido Performance wheels ensure that random observers can at least anticipate the profound reworking.

In the interior, the 620-hp-M2 remains fairly untouched, but the light-seat covers from Recaro and the performance steering wheel with Alcantara cover underline the seriousness of the tuning project.

[Source: Bimmertoday]