A few months ago, Chicago-based IND unveiled their highly awaited BMW M2 project. As often seen with their projects, the IND aero parts stand for simplicity and perfect fitment, and the aero program for the M2 makes no exception. The package includes a front carbon fiber lip, gloss black kidney grille surrounds, gloss black side gills, carbon fiber diffuser, matte black M2 logo and a rear spoiler also made of carbon fiber.

Now, to enhance the looks of the M2, the tuning shop is adding a new part to the popular sports coupe. The latest addition is a custom wheel designed by BBS, the famous wheel maker responsible for many legendary rims.


IND’s M2 has been transformed once more, this time featuring a simpler “street” look that shows the extent of chassis tuning possible while maintaining an appearance that one can live with every single day. IND began by working with Fall Line Motorsports to install the full Fall Line suspension component catalog. Front spherical bearings, rear toe adjustment arms, camber shims, rear upper control arm spherical bearings, and adjustable sway bar end links all made their way under the M2.

IND has been working with BBS for several years on their new RT88 wheel project, and just recently worked directly with the people at BBS Motorsport to create a special size of the new RT88 wheel for the M2.

The RT88 has special meaning for all BBS fans. The RT88 wheel centers were specifically designed to mimic the famous E88 Motorsport wheel center in design, engineering, and appearance, while strengthening the wheel and simplifying its construction for robust and durable street use. The Motorsport-designed center is paired with a BBS LM barrel, creating one of the strongest wheels available on the market. IND has worked with BBS to create a new RT88 size combination that is specifically designed for the M2, and enables M2 owners to use a square tire width for excellent performance.

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The M2’s RT88 wheel set comes in a 19×9.5 square setup with M2 specific offsets, and uses a 275 width tire at all four corners for excellent balance. The KW ClubSport coilovers allow us to dial in the front and rear camber settings, and enable the use of a wide front wheel and tire combination.

The result is a stunning BMW M2 which would stand anywhere it goes.