SK Telecom and BMW have just tested the world’s first connected car running on a 5G network. The car has been named T5, and was part of a special test that took place in South Korea to test a certain wave length being considered for mainstream 5G networks in the near future.

At the BMW Driving Center in Yeongjong Island, Incheon, BMW Group Korea and SK Telecom worked together to install test equipment in two T5 cars. Across 240,000 square miles, SK Telecom set up a test network that was capable of 20 Gbps throughput thanks to the impressive use of the 28 Ghz band on mmWave transmissions.


This allowed the team to set up 360-degree cameras both inside and outside of the car to take 4K video and stream it seamlessly across the network.

SK Telecom said that the “demonstration of 5G-based connected car technologies marks the very first step towards achieving fully autonomous driving in the upcoming era of 5G” where big data can be processed and analyzed by Machine Learning systems.

[Source: AndroidHeadlines]