Today is quite an important day. Not because today is Election Day, but rather because today BMW Motorrad has revealed several new vehicles, which will serve to further enhance the brand’s ability to reach its very ambitious goal of 200,000 units per annum.

Among those newly unveiled models is the refreshed K 1600 GTL, the L of course conveying luxury. BMW Motorrad is a premium brand, and the K 1600 GTL represents the absolute pinnacle of the brand itself. It is, for comparative purposes, the 7 series of the company’s motorcycle offerings.

BMW K 1600 GTL-13

The new model has undergone some significant modifications, when compared to its predecessor. The vehicle now meets Euro4 regulations, whilst still producing 160hp. Indeed, physical appearance has been improved, as well. In addition to physical revisions, new color schemes have been added, to further differentiate this new model. These include a matte white, a metallic grey and a metallic black.

BMW K 1600 GTL-9

In comparison to the standard K 1600 GT, the GTL offers even more operator comfort, with handlebars which further reach to the rider and lower footrests. Too, ESA, or Electron Suspension Adjustment with two riding modes comes as standard equipment. Another feature, though not standard, is a reverse assist function. Those of you whom ride, particularly those whom ride heavier motorcycles, have almost certainly encountered a scenario in which you’re seated on the bike but unable to reverse it with your feet due to a slight incline. This new feature enables the rider to reverse the behemoth with the mere touch of a button, to add that extra umph needed.

BMW K 1600 GTL-2

Further standard equipment includes ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control DTC, a xenon headlamp, grip and seat heating functionality, multi-controller, cruise control and a topcase with integrated comfortable backrest, just to name a few. Other optional equipment, such as Hill Start Control, a technology which prevents the very big and heavy motorcycle from rolling back when taking off from a stop on an incline, will also be available. Of course, as a luxury offering, there exists a diverse selection of BMW Motorrad accessories to ensure the utmost in individualization can be achieved by discerning riders.

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