A BMW i8 Police Car was handed over to Rose Bay Local Area Command in a ceremony held this week at BMW Sydney dealership in Australia. BMW Sydney Dealer Principal Simon Macedone said the 300,000 AUSD plug-in hybrid was ready for duty. “We’re very excited to partner with Rose Bay police command by delivering this exciting vehicle to them,” he said. “It’s the perfect new member of their team.”

Despite its power and athletic abilities, the i8 won’t be used as a pursuit car. The local Police Department says that if there is a foot chase the police will park it and run after the offenders.

Furthermore, the beautiful i8 will be used as a way to close the bridge between the community and the police force.

“My crime management unit will use the car to go along to open days and events,” Superintendent Brad Hodde said.

“It provides a tool to break down barriers between police and the community. It enables the community to come up and start talking about the car. That conversation then leads to them opening up and they find out that we’re not such bad people after all.

“It definitely won’t be used in a pursuit. There will be fully operational police in the car and if there is a foot chase the police will park it and run after the offenders.”

Asked if he’d like to see the i8 out there hunting criminals, Hodder said he would but that it’s better suited as a talking point.

“Personally yeah, it would be lovely, but practically, it’s a good community car.”

[Source: BehindTheWheel]