Earlier today people on Facebook had the chance to witness history in the making. OK, maybe we’re a bit overexcited but in all fairness, a new world record was set today on the Nurburgring and it was all broadcast live on both Youtube and Facebook.

Chinese stunt man Han Yue set off early this morning to set a new world record, going around the famous Nurburgring in a MINI. However, he didn’t do it on all four wheels but instead on just two of them. And while some might expect us to write the previous world record just for comparison purposes you should know that this is the first time when such a crazy stunt was attempted so just completing the lap itself can be considered a new record.


Of course, unlike hypercars and other record holders that go around the German track in about or under 7 minutes, the MINI on two wheels needed 45 minutes to do it. Understandably so, as the car had to be kept in balance all the time for the attempt to be taken into consideration. The man behind the wheel is quite fond of MINIs as he used a different one to set yet another world record back in 2014.

Back then, Han Yue set a new world record for the tightest parallel parking after shaving off 0.6 cm from British driver Alastair Moffatt’s record set back in July 2013 of 8.6 cm (3.4 inch) – a measurement many motoring experts had thought unbeatable. The Chinese driver is also the record holder for most donuts (spins) around a car driving on two wheels in one minute. That time though, he was drifting a BMW M4 around a MINI driven by a friend and colleague in Taipei in 2014.