The United Arab Emirates, with its seemingly limitless wealth is definitely one of the main destinations for products made by the Rolls-Royce brand. Therefore the British manufacturer decided to offer Dubai the privilege of being the first location to host a Rolls-Royce Boutique, an experimental showroom. Customers and potential customers of the glamorous showroom will get to experience the Rolls-Royce treatment first hand and then some.

The new space speaks of Rolls-Royce’s commitment to effortlessly integrating itself into the lifestyles of its customers. The location is at the center of Dubai’s City Walk, a globally recognized luxury and hospitality hotspot, therefore boldly counters traditional automotive thinking in placing the house within a center of fine fashion, art and cuisine that Rolls-Royce customers frequent.


The permanent Boutique has been created in the same spirit as the marque’s highly successful Summer Studio in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. This is achieved through a curated series of experiential areas including: an Inspiration Studio, Bespoke Atelier, Interactive Spirit of Ecstasy, Pinnacle Café, Affinity Partner Display, Virtual Reality Configurators and staging for Bespoke one-of-one motor cars or newly-launched collections.

The facility spans 7,300 sq. ft. and features top-to-bottom vectorized pixel-animation screens on the external windows, visible to passers-by from the road and sidewalk. This being a Rolls-Royce showroom, visitors will be glad to learn that this is the only Boutique in City Walk that will have year-round valet parking.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said, “Dubai is an important part of our brand’s success story, and it has been among the top five markets in the world for Rolls-Royce for three consecutive years, placing it alongside or above other markets with much bigger populations. Our success in Dubai and the rest of the world is borne of an intimate understanding of the lifestyle requirements of the world’s most discerning patrons of luxury. True luxury houses like Rolls-Royce must therefore constantly strive to innovate and inspire.”