Mercedes-Benz continues to be the leader in U.S. luxury sales after September. The Stuttgart-based automaker has added to its lead for the year as demand for its SUVs and crossovers, despite BMW’s incentive spending in September. BMW increased incentive spending 44 percent from a year earlier to an average $6,732 a vehicle while Daimler’s was down 9.3 percent to $4,342. Lexus was down 0.1 percent to $2,330 spent.

Mercedes delivered 29,500 vehicles last month, up 1.7 percent from a year earlier. Lexus said sales rose 2 percent to 25,801 and BMW posted a 4.6 percent decline to 25,389.


Through three quarters of this year, Mercedes deliveries totaled 249,204, with Lexus at 236,193 and the BMW brand at 230,133. BMW is the holder of the annual luxury-sales crown for the past two years.

BMW’s U.S. lineup hasn’t seen a refresh in a few years now, but that’s about to change by 2018. A series of high volume sellers will arrive, including the new G30 5 Series and G01 X3.

[Source: AutoNews]