ClipperCreek unveiled the Share2 enabled HCS-40 this morning. Share2 allows two electric vehicle charging stations to share power from one branch circut. Share2 is an option for the Level 2, 240V ClipperCreek HCS-40 product line. A bundle of two stations enabled with the Share2 is priced starting at $1498.

The Share2 is an inexpensive solution for any location looking for an easy way to double the number of charge points without running additional 240V circuits.  It allows charging station owners to install two 32A, Level 2 charging stations on one 40A circuit. The stations will offer full power if one vehicle is requesting a charge and automatically splits the power if a second vehicle requests a charge at the same time. When one of the vehicles completes charging, the other station reverts to full power for the second vehicle.

“ClipperCreek’s continuous and forward-thinking innovation efforts have resulted in another market value improvement, the Share2™. This enables customers to charge two vehicles at the same time, on one branch circuit, saving considerably on installation costs,” said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek. “Electric vehicles are universally loved by our customers, who quickly discover they want a second plug in vehicle. Oftentimes their service panel cannot support the power requirement for an additional vehicle. Share2™ eliminates this obstacle.”

ClipperCreek’s Director of Sales, Will Barrett, said, “Share2 also provides excellent value for our commercial customers. With increasing vehicle makes and models more fleet operators are converting to electric and businesses are recognizing the many benefits of offering workplace charging. Level 2 charging stations and the electricity costs are relatively low; however, electrical infrastructure upgrades can be substantial. Share2™ enables a business to double the number of Charging Stations at their facility relatively inexpensively.”

A Share2™ enabled HCS has ClipperCreek’s standard best in class product features, including a three year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, 25 feet of charge cable, and a separate, low profile wall mount connector holster. It is also compatible with the ChargeGuard™ key-based access control and can be ordered with the “Ruggedized” HCS-40R charging stations.

Features of the Share2™ enabled HCS-40 include:

  • Maximizes infrastructure investment by turning one charging spot into two
  • Full power charging for one vehicle, split power charging for two vehicles
  • Power sharing from a single circuit between two charging stations
  • ChargeGuard™ key-based access control option available
  • Ruggedized option available
  • Integrated cable wrap making storing the cable simple and convenient
  • Next generation SAE-J1772 connector with optional padlock feature
  • 25 foot charging cable to reach multiple parking spaces
  • Three year warranty
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by an exceptional customer service team
  • Made in America


Share2™ HCS-40 bundle packages are now available for purchase at or by calling the ClipperCreek customer service center 877-694-4194.