New Strategy At BMW: CEO Krueger wants to start an electric offensive

News | September 11th, 2016 by 18
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BMW apparently plans a new electric car strategy while also restructuring the Board of Management. According to German newspaper Handelsblatt, citing company’s sources, BMW boss …

BMW apparently plans a new electric car strategy while also restructuring the Board of Management. According to German newspaper Handelsblatt, citing company’s sources, BMW boss Harald Krüger wants to offer offer a whole range of models of existing series also with an electric drive.

“In addition to the fully electric “i3” models, which have been in production since 2013, BMW will also offer fully electric versions of the MINI, the BMW 3 series and the X4 SUV, which is built in the United States,” says the report. “The supervisory board is expected to approve the new electric models during a two-day meeting at the end of the month.”

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BMW is therefore reacting to the U.S. electric car pioneer Tesla and the advances of the German competition. Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller announced in an interview with the “Bild am Sonntag” that by 2020 VW will offer 30 electrically-powered models. Müller had already predicted that in 2025 approximately 20 to 25 percent of total sales will be achieved with electric cars. Mercedes-Benz also intends to sell annually a six-digit number of electric cars for sale from 2020.

In his strategy pivot, Kruger will see a merger of the marketing and sales operations for the MINI and BMW brands. In addition, the previously responsible for European sales – Nicolas Peter – will likely move in as the new chief financial officer, succeeding Friedrich Eichiner who will retire this year.

18 responses to “New Strategy At BMW: CEO Krueger wants to start an electric offensive”

  1. Guillaume Perret says:

    I heard completely different stuff …
    It seems the i brand is not doing any profit, BMW board starts to think about cancelling it, same for the electric MINI.
    Maybe it means they will focus on transforming existing products into electric cars like the X4 described in this article, rather than having a pure electric line-up. A more Audi-like approach.

  2. Johan Mo says:

    Very good news indeed. The future is electric, BMW needs to step up if they want to continue being part of the game.

  3. StupidZombie says:

    Unless BMW’s new RWD platform was designed with BEV in mind, or can at least economically be modified for BEV layout, BMW f*ck*d it up. All new modular car platforms, are designed so that they could adapt to any drivetrain technology.

  4. CDspeed says:

    Good but until they at least show a concept you can throw this report in the BMW electric rumor pile.

    • Kim Conrad Jorgensen says:

      Agree, it doesn’t mean a thing. I struggle to see the “good news” in any of this. 4 years after the Tesla S, BMW still only has the i3 to show off in the EV department and what a joke it is. “Strange” they can’t sell an overpriced, underperforming EV like that. They really went with the gulf-cart idea when they designed that.

      • CDspeed says:

        The i3 is actually excellent to drive, and one of the few BMWs left with the direct communicative steering feel you expect. But it does seem strange that Tesla is making the best electric sport sedans, while BMW who is famous for their sport sedans is represented in the electric car market by a hatchback.

      • Max says:

        Ohh I see someone is judging the i3 but never even drove it, smart person…NOT!
        People like you are the problem for BMW..the normal one way commute is less than 30miles, but at least you’ve complained about something completely irrelevant ;)
        The i3 is the only real sustainable EV, starting from supply chain over production and ending with recycling – that is the right approach for the future. Tesla is just a big tank, stuffed with batteries, there is no other innovation, just nothing!

        • Kim Conrad Jorgensen says:

          I am on my forth BMW, getting ready for the fifth, so I don’t really think I’m the problem. Go cry somewhere else. BMW’s BOD are the problem for BMW. And then the i3 golf-cart:-)

  5. Chris Llana says:

    Seems unlikely that a few conversion cars will make them competitive with cars designed from the ground up as EVs.

    • Guillaume Perret says:

      I tend to agree with you but this is what Audi is going for for instance (electric Touareg and Q7 if I’m not mistaken)

  6. Eddie says:

    200 mile range plus, more EV sales will continue. So many people have seen the benefits of solar panels are starting to see the benefits of EV’s. Power companies are working on using your EV to power your home in power outages! Minimal maintence and filling up at home! Electricity is the future. The oil companies have had their monopoly long enough!

    • Guillaume Perret says:

      when is the last time you’ve had power outages ? I believe it happened twice in my 32 years long life and it never lasted more than a few hours. Buy a thermal generator or a few 12V batteries, it will cost you cheaper for the same safety …
      All I’m saying is that it is a wrong argument about EVs.
      And in developing countries, I am not sure you will have a confortable set of EV charges along the highways…

  7. Eddie says:

    Living in Arizona and Hawaii we have power outages all the time. Whether from severe storms or too many people using their AC.

  8. Ramon A. Cardona says:

    Excellent. The focus in Germany is on the right track. What are Americans doing? Burning gasoline at record rates due to (add your favorite theory). USA’s companies look short term: SUV’s, fast speeds no matter the destination not speed limits, drive thru convenience, trucks for teens, etc. Never mind the environment, a 585 hp car is best. I applaud this German approach. I applaud Tesla, solar power and electric transports of all types.

  9. Dave Barlow says:

    So at what point does the recordings get listen to from the disgraceful behaviour of customer services and their head office I can’t believe that BMW case so little about their customer base that because let’s hope to senior managers get away with their behaviour their shown towards a customer the proof is in the recordings all it requires is to you to listen to him why is it constantly being refused

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