Inspired by BMW’s M3 pickup truck unveiled for April’s Fools a few years back, South Africa’s Mad Dog Racing is launching their own “ute” based on the popular E92 M3. The modified M3 Coupe truck is a fully-functional vehicle which can serve multiple roles – from construction jobs to running on the track. What MDR did was essentially cut the the trunk lid and most of the roof off of an E92 M3 Coupe and add a sort of B-pillar to create a pickup out of it. While it isn’t the most graceful conversion we’ve ever seen, it’s really not that bad and looks pretty decent.

However, oddly enough, the trunk doesn’t have a tailgate, but opens like a traditional trunk still, which is a bit strange. With the trunk up, it almost looks like it has a large rear wing. Therefore, it’s just not as practical as BMW’s M3 truck to load and unload things. The rest of the car stays exactly the same as when it rolled off the production lines.

BMW M3 Pickup tuning 750x422

While BMW has yet to plan a future series pickup truck, its rivals from Stuttgart are already working on one. Mercedes have been making cabs, vans, trucks and even unimogs, and recently, the three-pointed star has announced that it will even make a pickup truck.


BMW is known to adapt to the market requirements, from their SUV lineup to front-wheel drive vehicles, the product lineup has evolved and adapted over time. In 2016, a BMW pickup sounds as crazy as a front-drive Bimmer did in 2006.