As a rider, I often say that there exists two different types of riders; those whom ride for the love of riding itself and those whom ride for the exhilarating rush of adrenaline. Surely, there exists riders whom enjoy both aspects of riding, but I’m merely speaking in general terms. This video of Michael Dunlop dominating the Isle of Man TT, arguably the most difficult and one of the most dangerous road courses on the planet, on his Hawk BMW S 1000 RR, really speaks to how Dunlop has grown increasingly comfortable, not just with the bike and track, but also with immense speed.

Prior to Dunlop’s performance this year, the record was held by John McGuiness. McGuiness set the record just last year, at a time of 17 minutes and 3 seconds. In order to achieve this time, he averaged a speed of 132mph. You may be thinking, “That’s not that fast.” However, context is key here. Though MotoGP bikes can surpass the 200mph mark, they do so in a highly controlled environment, a professional track. The Isle of Man TT course is, as I mentioned, a road course, not a track. The course is laden with steep drops, physical obstacles, as well as curbs. In fact, the course is so challenging, that it claimed the lives of five riders this year alone. Admittedly, this makes Dunlop’s average lap speed of nearly 134mph extremely impressive.

Michael Dunlop achieved a lap time of 16 minutes and 58.25 seconds this year. However, after learning of how close he was to the 134mph average lap speed mark, he said, “If I knew I was so close to 134mph, I would have pushed even harder.” The dedication, and courage, required of the rider, to achieve such an outstanding result is great. Though, the rider plays a significant roll in the performance of the machine, especially in the realm of motorcycle racing, having the renowned BMW S 1000 RR between the legs was likely re-assuring, and confidence inspiring, as a rider going to such extremes must be able to truly trust his vehicle. The S 1000 RR is a highly precise and dependable motorcycle, and Michael Dunlop certainly had the right tool for the job.

View the On-Board Footage of Michael Dunlop’s Lap Below.

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