BMW is recalling 120,000 cars in the United States for defective Takata air bags, German paper Bild reported last week. Citing a spokesman for BMW, Bild said that the recall included the X5 and X6 models from the years 2006 to 2011. Also last week, eight automakers, excluding BMW, said they were recalling more than 12 million U.S. vehicles for defective Takata air bags.

Japan’s Takata this month agreed to declare as many as 40 million additional air bag inflators defective by 2019 in a move that will involve recalls by 17 automakers.


Takata inflators can explode with too much force and spray metal shrapnel into vehicle passenger compartments.

About 1.8 million Takata inflators in BMW vehicles are covered by the Takata recalls and need to be replaced. The extension only applies to vehicles with the PSDI-4 inflators.

The extension also pushes back deadlines this year for BMW’s ramp-up of replacement parts to supply recall demand at dealerships, including next week’s March 31 deadline aimed at providing parts to about 100,000 of the vehicles. That deadline is now Aug. 31.

[Source: Reuters]