When BMW debuted its M4 GTS, it was supposed to be the most hardcore performance car the brand had ever made. On paper, at least, it certainly seemed as if the Bavarians had achieved that goal. In look, too. However, it’s not uncommon for automakers to stretch the truth a little bit when it comes to performance. If you didn’t already know, car companies love hyperbole.

However, it turns out that as hyperbolic as BMW’s claims for how extreme of a performance car the M4 GTS would be, they may have been spot on.


The folks at EVO Magazine were able to get their hands on an M4 GTS and did some serious work in figuring out exactly how fast it accelerates, stops and runs the quarter-mile. And the results show that BMW was dead on, in terms of acceleration numbers. The BMW M4 GTS was able to get from 0-60 mph in 3.71 seconds, which matches BMW’s claimed 3.7. It also runs the quarter-mile in 11.83 seconds, which is very quick for a stock car. Braking from 100-0 mph took 88 meters and only 4.06 seconds.

This is obviously using the Launch Control system on the DCT gearbox, which BMW seems to have changed up a bit. The procedure to previously engage launch control for every other BMW seemed to be more difficult than launching a nuclear missile from a Russian submarine, and even after going through the myriad of steps it still could refuse to work sometimes. Now, though, EVO claims that you just put the car in Sport+ mode, put the transmission in the most aggressive setting, left foot on the brake and bury the throttle. After that, the revs will stay at 3,000 rpm and you simply let off the brake. While this results in quite a bit of wheelspin, a gentle right foot can help mitigate that and there may even be a few tenths of a second to be shaved off the 0-60 mph time with a skilled foot.


However, if you botch the launch, you have to give the gearbox a bit of time to cool down before another go is permitted. This is common in some cars with dual-clutch gearboxes that don’t wear a Porsche badge. But it doesn’t take away from the sheer ferocity that comes from launching the M4 GTS .

BMW claimed the M4 GTS to be a hardcore monster of a car, faster than any other car to currently wear an M badge. And, as it turns out, BMW was right. These acceleration numbers are proof of that and that BMW was literally pin-point accurate when claiming acceleration numbers. The BMW M4 GTS is one of the fastest BMWs ever made and certainly one of the highest-performing. Is it still hyperbole if the crazy claims actually turn out to be true?