The speed of development of new services is becoming more significant in an increasingly connected world and to remain ahead BMW has launched a platform known as BMW Labs. This platform allows customers the first opportunity to test developing and near-final products prior to full release.  BMW can gain valuable data on how the services are being used in the real world resulting in the ability to launch products to market at a faster rate.

BMW’s most recent development uses the service IFTTT (If This Then That) a free-web based tool available that acts as an ultimate automation service for a host of internet-connected products.


Users can create simple conditional statements, which allows them to automate everything from their favourite apps and websites to app-enabled accessories and smart devices. They can select from over 260 different services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, e-mail and SMS, and also connect with intelligent smart-home devices from the likes of Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest and Netatmo.


BMW customers can take advantage of IFTTT by connecting their car with various services. For example, the outside lighting of their home can be switched on automatically when their vehicle approaches it. It also allows for the garage door to be opened and the house’s heating or air conditioning to be controlled from inside the vehicle.

The BMW Labs widget is available to BMW models produced with the Professional Navigation system between 07-2013 and 10-2015 (excluding the previous generation X1, X6 and the current BMW Z4 and 7 Series models).

BMW Customers can sign-up to trial the services here: