When automakers release a new flagship vehicle, in BMW’s case that’s the new 7 Series, the design language from that car typically trickles down into the lower models in the range. We’ve already seen some interior spy shots of the upcoming BMW 5 Series and it seems to have inherited some of the 7er’s design elements, proving this point. Well, it seems as if another new BMW will be receiving this new interior design language, as the upcoming BMW X3 has just been spied and we’ve seen some pictures of the interior.

We don’t have the new spy photos ourselves, but Carscoops has them if you want to check them out. But we can tell you that the steering wheel seems to be borrowed directly from the 7 Series, which is a good thing as it’s one of the cooler looking wheels on the market and it’s of very high quality. The massive iDrive screen also looks borrowed from the 7 Series, as it looks to be bigger than anything else in the BMW lineup. The instrument panel now seems to be mostly digital, which could indicate the ability to chance the gauges up a bit, for instance maybe having them switch to red dials in Sport mode. Also, the shift knob seems to come from the Big 7 as well, as it’s BMW’s new style of electronic shifter than only the 7 Series has.


However, that’s all we can tell from the spy shots, as there’s a lot of fabric camouflage covering most of the cabin. Most of the dash and all of the door panels are covered in fabric, so we can only see the steering wheel, gauge cluster and shift knob.

Considering that the current X3 is one of the oldest cars in BMW’s stable, it’s nice that the new model will be getting such a new feeling interior. While the current car’s interior is still a great place to be, it’s getting a bit old looking by comparison with newer BMWs. So this high-tech looking cabin will be very fresh indeed and could put it near the top of the class.

The upcoming BMW X3 should be a very good looking car and looks like it will have a very high-tech and high-end interior for its class, as it looks to be borrowing some kit from the 7 Series.

[Source: Carscoops]