We definitely live in a world that is heavily influenced by technology. The speed with which it evolves is mind boggling and if you don’t stay on top of it, you may end up becoming obsolete. This is what most companies are adapting as fast as possible to the new trends. The BMW UK branch is now using Facebook to attract potential customers in its dealerships.

BMW UK is now using Facebook ads to help streamline the process of testing or ordering a car by using what the social media giant is calling ‘Lead Ads’. They’re a new type of starting a conversation, one that doesn’t require a lot of time or interaction from the customers. That’s the one key area where improvements needed to be done.

Scheduling a test drive the old fashion way used to require a lot of information to be completed on a long form. That process is now streamlined and by using Facebook, potential customers have a lot less work to do, to get things done. Basically, the app completes certain boxes with information it already has from the social media platform (such as the name, e-mail address, phone number or city) while the rest of the information needed can be added by using a predefined list of answers.

At the end of this process, the customers are sent to a BMW website where they can choose the nearest dealership where a car will be waiting for a test drive. Going about it this way has apparently saved the company a lot of money while also adding valuable information about who is interested in a BMW vehicle.

You can check out how it works, in the video below.