Following the central theme “THE NEXT 100 YEARS” the BMW Group will launch its centenary activities tomorrow – March 7th 2016. On this exact day, the BMW AG was entered into the commercial register one hundred years ago. To celebrate its centenary, BMW is hosting an impressive vent at the Olympiastadion in Munich.

“Over the course of its history, time and again, the BMW Group has proven its versatility and confirmed its role as a future-orientated, innovative company,” an ad for the event says. “Since the company was formed 100 years ago, the BMW Group has always set its sights on the future and been a consistent, innovative force for progress.”


“This is what defines the company and forms its employees’ sense of identity. We live and shape change, acting in a responsible manner towards society and our environment. We overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever.”

According to our sources – now confirmed by other media as well – BMW will unveil a visionary concept car that will highlight the company’s vision for future mobility. Our sources say this is not a future production car, but rather a unique concept that pushes the boundaries of automotive design and engineering.

A teaser image was shared by BMW along with a statement from Harald Krüger, BMW’s chairman of the board of management: “The company has continually evolved and, in some cases, reinvented itself. That will continue in the future.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for live coverage and exclusive photos! The full agenda and webcast information can be found below:

Agenda 07.03.2016 (CET – Central European Time)

14:00 – 14:20 CET                     Highlights of the BMW Group Press Conference

(13:00-13:20 GMT)

15:00 – 16:30 CET                     Live broadcast of the Centenary Event

(14:00-15:30 GMT)

18:30 – 19:30 CET                     Highlights of the Centenary Event

(17:30-18:30 GMT)

The live transmission can be viewed online at