Just in time for the bicycle-season BMW is presenting its new types of BMW bikes

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Just in time for the bicycle-season BMW is presenting its new types of BMW bikes. With a revised design concept and modern technical components BMW …

Just in time for the bicycle-season BMW is presenting its new types of BMW bikes. With a revised design concept and modern technical components BMW again underlines its competence in the bike segment.

As with all its motorized vehicles BMW aims to provide a special driving experience with its bikes. With this generation, the experience is provided especially through the enlarged 28 inch wheels, new color schemes and clever design features, next to the typical BMW frame design, which is characterized by clear lines and the distinctive “Bullneck”.

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The new version of the BMW Cruise Bike – the classic within the BMW bicycle fleet – comes in 2016 either in Mineral White or Aqua Pearl Blue. To increase the driving comfort even more and to adapt the bike optimally to the body size, BMW added an extra frame size to its portfolio.

S = approx. Body size 160 – 175 cm

M = approx. Body size 175 – 185 cm

L = approx. Body size 185 – 195 cm

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With the typical BMW frame geometry made of lightweight aluminium, the bike is flexible to move and therefore the perfect companion for a city ride.

The Cruise M Bike stands out with a matt black painting with rims and other contrasting elements in red, which are inspired by the sporty-distinctive design style of the BMW M type. Additionally the carbon made elements spacer and seat post underline the sportiness of the Cruise M Bike, guaranteeing special driving pleasures not only on straight paths but also on hilly grounds.


Another highlight of the BMW Bike Collection 2016 is the BMW Cruise e-Bike. Beside the elegant paintwork in Frozen Brilliant White Metallic and contrasting elements in black, what convinces the most is the innovative drive of the e-Bike: The Performance-Line drive, harmoniously integrated into the aluminum frame and made by BOSCH, can be activated if required to support the pedalling power. The electric motor equipped with a 400-Wh-battery, which is significantly more powerful than its predecessor and harmoniously integrated into the framework, stands out with typical BMW driving behavior and a maximum speed of the electric pedaling assistant of 25 km/h. On the basis of up to 1000 sensor measurements per second, the BMW Cruise e-Bike analyses the driver’s pedaling power and identifies the optimal pedal assistance. The on-board computer display shows appropriate shifting recommendations.


Beside the BMW Bike classics for adults, BMW is also offering special driving pleasures for the youngest road users by presenting the BMW Cruise Bike Junior. The sporty, robust bike with matt black or shiny white frame and red saddle- and handlebar-details is made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum. Reflectors and a 6-speed grip gear change from Shimano ensure a safe ride. The seat angle of the frame can be adapted to the size of the child – which is why the bike “grows with the child” and therefore provides an even longer driving pleasure.

The BMW Bike collection 2016 and the matching equipment will be available as of April 2016 online at www.bmw-shop.de or at selected BMW retailer.

Recommended Retail Price for the following products:

BMW Cruise Bike: 995,00 EUR

BMW Cruise M Bike: 1.200,00 EUR

BMW Cruise e-Bike: 3.100,00 EUR

BMW Cruise Bike Junior: 450,00 EUR

6 responses to “Just in time for the bicycle-season BMW is presenting its new types of BMW bikes”

  1. John says:

    Are they heavy and breakdown often?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Not sure, haven’t tried the new ones

    • Tim Dadd says:

      Bought the e-Bike about a month ago, it’s great fun, just clocked 150Kms and now have internal error code 500 and now it’s no longer an e-Bike just a bike with extra training weight. Reading the blogs this error code is not very informative – just something wrong with the Bosch stuff and probably replacement required. So based on my experience the answer is no the bikes are not heavy. Remove the battery and it’s easy to put on a roof rack. Mine has broken down within 150Kms which seems to be often

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