Is this near-perfect 1991 BMW 850i worth the money?

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BMW only made one generation of 8 Series Coupes, a fact that fans have bemoaned for quite some time, as the 8 Series represented the pinnacle of BMW’s power, performance and luxury. BMW enthusiasts have been clamoring for an 8 Series replacement since its demise in 1999. However, that replacement never came and fans have been paying hefty price tags for the 8 Series ever since, just to have one in their lives.

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In it’s own right, the 8 Series is a great car, not just for what it represents, the 850i especially. Packing a 5.0 liter V12 engine that developed 296 hp and 332 lb-ft of silky-smooth torque, the 850i was the very essence of 1990’s opulence. It was fast, great looking, smooth and comfortable, making it the perfect grand touring car at the time and one of the best GT cars of all time. But is it good enough to spend a lot of money on a nearly thirty year old car for? Maybe, if it only has 33,000 miles.

This gorgeous 1991 example of the BMW 850i is currently up for sale on Bring A Trailer for the, somewhat high for a 25 year old car, $17,000.

That’s actually not too high for this car, given its incredibly low mileage, pristine condition and mighty V12. This Alpine White example is absolutely fantastic looking, with almost nothing wrong with it. The body has almost zero blemishes, impressive for being over two decades old, and the interior has almost no wear, a product of the low mileage no doubt. It’s in such good shape, it almost seems as if it’s a time machine that can take you back to 1991 with just the turn of a key.

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Now, the 850i isn’t as prestigious or as desirable as the 850csi, but it’s still a fantastic car, one that’s incredibly desirable in the eyes of BMW enthusiasts who’ve been pining for a second-generation 8 Series for ages. While it’s $17,000 price tag is a bit steep for such an old car, this 850i is a classic with an engine that’s considered an all-time great and grand touring ability that is impossible to replicate for the price. For any BMW enthusiast who fancies an 8 Series, this 850i could be worth the price tag it wears. And if all of that doesn’t sway you, check those dual front distributors on the V12.

5 responses to “Is this near-perfect 1991 BMW 850i worth the money?”

  1. Dat510 says:

    It is pretty cheap actually, in my country maybe it would be priced more than 30,000 USD.

  2. Reino-five-five-oh says:

    I am unsure if (but suspect) BMW produced less 8-series cars than Porsche produced of the 911 in the 90’s, but I do know I see far more of those Porsches today. Now, consider what people pay for well sorted 90’s Porsches these days, and I’d say that’s a great price for this 850i.

  3. Stephen Garrett says:

    Wow, great buy on a rare and underappreciated beauty.

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