One of the main attractions in Frankfurt this week is without a doubt the new Porsche Mission E Concept. The fully electric sports car takes the spotlight at the VW Group hall gathering thousands of journalists around what could be an exciting electric sports car.

Labeled as a Tesla fighter, Mission E is equipped with two electric motors, one for each axle, much like its 919 hybrid race car. These two motors are said to pump out over 600 hp and power all four wheels using true torque vectoring from each motor, which sits below the Tesla Model S P85D’s 691 hp.


The Porsche Mission E’s claimed range is 310 miles, more than what you’d get from any Tesla, and can supposedly recharge 80 percent of its range in 15 minutes. The reason it can charge 80 percent of its battery in 15 minutes is because Porsche is the first in the industry to utilize an 800-volt charging port. Using 800 volts, as opposed to the industry standard 400 volt, the Mission E is able to charge twice as fast. It also reduced weight, as the 800-volt can use lighter gage copper cable.


With the lithium-ion batteries running the length of the floor, between the axles, the Mission E has a low and narrow center of gravity.

If it goes into production in the next few years, this might be the father of all electric cars.