Racing-driver Randy Pobst and MotorTrend launch a new video series, “The Racing Line”. In his first episode, Pobst goes aboard the BMW M3 Sedan to teach us how to properly oversteer a car; essentially, learning how to drift. By choosing the new BMW M3/M4, his job is easier than ever. The new 425 horsepower coupe is a pure drifting machine – as soon as you turn off the DTC/DSC – and makes for a fun track car. The famed racing driver also teaches us that drifting doesn’t necessarily mean being faster on the track, so following the racing line is still your best bet.

According to Pobst, there are four ways to do a proper drift:

1. The leadfoot – gas the car and spin the rear tires

2. The race technique – trail-braking, turn with a light break, put a weight on the front and make the rear light.

3. Extreme / The Scandinavian Flick – turn one way, then the other. It’s use to get around tight corners in rally racing.

4. Hooligan – use the emergency brake to lock the rear wheels.