The new 2016 BMW 7 Series promises luxury at the highest level and will not only impress with its lightweight concept Carbon Core, but also with significantly improved material quality and craftsmanship compared to its predecessor. Even before the official world premiere at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Munich-based automaker now presents some new components of the official BMW Accessories Program, which should deliver to customers an even better experiences aboard their luxury sedan.

The matte black BMW M Performance rear spoiler, for example, adds a sporting touch. It was designed exclusively for the BMW 7 Series and blends in perfectly with the vehicle’s shape.

The BMW M Performance rear spoiler is quick and easy to fit and requires no TÜV inspection. If desired, the spoiler can be painted in a preferred color prior to being fitted.

bmw 7 series m performance parts 01 750x474

The BMW M Performance side sill foil offers a further sporty design enhancement for the new BMW 7 Series, provided it is equipped with an M Sport Package or an M Aerodynamics Package. The high-grade door sill foil, which is available in glossy black, features a coloured BMW M Performance inscription, is carwash-resistant and highly durable. Thanks to the enclosed fitting templates, the BMW M Performance foil can be quickly and easily fitted onto the side sills.

Inside the car, BMW M Performance premium steel pedal covers emphasizes the sporty note of the new BMW 7 Series. The stainless steel covers are tightly fitted around the standard pedals, providing them with an extremely high-class look.

BMW M Performance front grille slats with decorative black surround bestow the front of the new BMW 7 Series with an even sportier look. They are made of tear and impact-resistant plastic, have the same geometry as the side slats and are therefore easy to replace.

bmw 7 series m performance parts 03 750x474

A further sporty feature are the exclusive, elaborately handcrafted BMW M Performance carbon door mirror caps, which also provide the luxurious new BMW 7 Series with a touch of racing flair. Due to the application of several layers of paint followed by high-gloss polishing, they boast a sporty and elegant depth effect. The carbon door mirror caps can be easily replaced by standard caps.


The high-quality, 21-inch BMW M Performance light alloy, double spoke forged wheels 650 M are characterised by their perfectly matching bicolour look and optimized weight. Being around two kilos lighter than comparable standard aluminum cast wheels they contribute significantly towards a reduction in unsprung masses. This on the other hand enhances the vehicle’s agility and steering behavior. The wheels are exclusively finished in high-gloss black, the visible sides burnished. A glossy clear finish gives the wheel the final exclusive touch. The BMW M logo makes the wheel look even more attractive. The wheels feature run-flat tires, which allow the vehicle to be driven over a certain distance even in the event of tire pressure loss, thus enhancing safety.



Wireless charging as a retro-fit solution with snap-in adapter.
Those who use a smartphone with a wireless charging function or wish to upgrade their smartphone with this technology can now also use this comfortable charging method in BMW vehicles. The snap-in wireless charging adapter available as an original BMW accessory offers wireless charging, whilst serving as a safe and stable storage system for the mobile phone. An integrated LED display provides continuous information on the charging process and the status of the mobile phone when it is not in use. The stainless steel/matt black plastic retaining clip ensures that the mobile phone is held firmly in place. The rubberized underside of the retaining clip protects the display from scratches. The inductive connection with the external aerial guarantees optimum network coverage and reduces the level of radiation inside the car. The snap-in wireless charging adapter can be used in all BMW vehicles fitted with a base plate.



Wireless charging also for the Apple iPhone.
The new wireless charging case from the original BMW accessory range permits wireless charging of Apple iPhones (5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus) in the new BMW 7 Series with the wireless charging option or in all other BMW models with the snap-in wireless charging adapter. The attractive wireless charging case in BMW design is a one-piece unit with a fold-up lid and is used in a similar way to a conventional mobile phone protective case. When the iPhone is put into the case, it is compatible with all Qi-certified chargers – whether at home, at the office or out and about.

The high-quality BMW travel blanket turns motoring into a feel-good experience.


Comfort and well-being when driving are increasingly appreciated by customers – not only in the new BMW 7 Series. BMW has taken this development as a reason to include a BMW travel blanket in the range of original BMW accessories for the first time. It is made entirely of high-quality, extra fine merino wool, is beige on one side, dark brown on the other and features the typical BMW diamond pattern. The blanket is woven entirely from renewable raw materials using the sophisticated Jacquard technique and is extremely versatile.

Stay tuned for more photos from the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.