“Audi Sport” – The future standalone performance brand

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Audi has a bit of an identity crisis at the moment, when it comes to performance cars. BMW has its M Division, which has been …

Audi has a bit of an identity crisis at the moment, when it comes to performance cars. BMW has its M Division, which has been world famous for three decades now. Mercedes-Benz has AMG which is equally as famous and desired. But Audi has never really had a sub-brand to give it a performance reputation. Audi has had great performance cars, but never had the name and reputation to back it up.

Audi actually has been making RS models and the R8 under a performance sub-brand, named Quattro GmbH, after its famous all-wheel drive system and ’80s rally winning race car.

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However, if you were to ask the average car enthusiast, they wouldn’t know that nor would they have thought that Quattro was more than just the badge on the back. This is a problem for Audi, if it wants to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes, as those two companies have been making world recognized performance cars, with a world-renowned name, for decades now.

So Audi has set out to rectify the issue, with the Audi Sport brand name. Audi has actually been using the Sport name for its highly successful Motorsport program. So Audi is looking to take the Sport name and group its highest performing of cars underneath it. The cars that would gain the Audi Sport brand would be the RS3, RS4, RS5, TT RS, RS7 and R8. There may be more coming in the pipeline as well.

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This Audi Sport name won’t just be another brand name to help sell Audi Sport merchandise at dealerships. In fact, Audi plans to create standalone departments in dealerships for the Sport model line and host special events, like driver experience days. Audi is very serious about creating this Sport brand as a contender to BMW’s M and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG. Audi is launching this campaign slowly, as it’s testing the Sport name in the Australian market and, so far, it’s doing quite well.

It’s good that Audi creates itself a new sub-brand to help give it the kind of pedigree that BMW and Mercedes have in their performance cars. It also helps that Audi’s Sport name actually does stem from Motorsport, so that pedigree will be as authentic as possible. Who knows, maybe in a couple of decades, Audi Sport will be as big of a name as BMW M and Mercedes-AMG.

[Source: QuattroDaily]

11 responses to ““Audi Sport” – The future standalone performance brand”

  1. mckillio says:

    I agree that Audi needs a sub brand but “sport” is pretty bad. Why not RS or just R?

  2. Otto says:

    “But Audi has never really had a sub-brand to give it a performance reputation”
    Really ? Do you even know what you’re talking about ?

    • Mike Vella says:

      Yes, and he mentioned it. But it’s not as well known if at all compared to AMG or M – hence the entire article – which you apparently didn’t read.

      • Otto says:

        Don’t be naive.This article has been updated.
        Does it make sense to write that Audi never had a performance subsidiary and mention Quattro GmbH 3 lines later ? And the article became meaningless.

        I agree that it was a poor choice of name, that it’s not as known as Motorsport and AMG, but it has been around for more than 30 years.

  3. Kaisuke971 says:

    In fact Quattro relates only to the Audi Quattro S1, which is basically the best car of the Group B era… Thing it didn’t last that long. Audi Sport however relates to their dominating era at LeMans in the 2000s. Maybe it doesn’t sound as good, but maybe it actually means more than Quattro !

  4. Giom says:

    Not even AMG is as pure a division as M is. For years, to this day, they’re simply shoehorning a massive powerful engine into everyday cars. Whereas BMWs m division completely rebuilds their own car starting from just a shell (over simplified for obvious reasons).

    In my opinion, this is the reason M cars always beat their AMG counterparts with much smaller engines (until recently). It would seem AMG have learned a thing or two about suspension tuning lately.

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