Nearly a year ago, Novitec Group launched its Rolls-Royce tuning division, Spofec. The first tuned up model was the original Rolls-Royce Ghost. Now, the Germany-based tuning shop is back again with a modified version of the Ghost Series II.

Under the hood, the tuner installed the Spofec N-Tronic tuning chip which raises the power from the Ghost’s standard 570 hp and 780 Nm of torque up to 685 hp at 5400 rpm and 958 Nm at a very low 1800 rpm. 709 horsepower at 5400 rpm and 974 Nm (718.3 lb-ft) of torque at 1800 rpm can be achieved on the Ghost V-Spec model.

rolls royce ghost 750x500

The Spofec SPOFEC Black One is available in two versions: a short wheelbase Ghost and the long wheelbase. In either version, the tuning package comes with 22 inch gold-painted wheels, new brakes and suspension modules. The suspension comes with its own control module which intervenes with the standard air suspension and lowers the ride height by 4 cm at speeds of less than 140 km/h.

ghost 750x500

Two different exhaust systems are offered for the Ghost Series II, both made from lightweight stainless steel. The front fascia has been redesigned with a new bumper and splitter.

With the exception of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the Ghost has been converted to a matte black finish.