To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Vorsteiner has unveiled an anniversary vehicle, the GTRS4 wide body, at the SEMA tuning show in 2014. To complement this very exciting project, the California-based aftermarket parts company are releasing new designs for their lightweight wheels lineup.

Their brand new Vorsteiner Flow Forged Series brings four designs with three unique finishes. Today, we will take a look at the V-FF 104 wheels, a lightweight monoblock design that will certainly find their way on many BMWs.

Vorsteiner V FF 104 Flow Forged Monoblock Wheel 2 750x500

Strength in Design
Spoke design can’t only be attractive, it also must serve a purpose. Vorsteiner believes the wheels design is the main reason why customers purchase aftermarket wheels. A wheel can be attractive and lightweight, while design strength is another goal. Vorsteiner thoroughly studies each individual shape and arrangement to ensure the unique architecture has the longevity to outlast the most severe conditions. By offering three concavities per design, they have also maximized the wheel depth for many European applications.

Vorsteiner’s Lightweight Fascination to Increase Performance
The wheel is one of the most important areas to reduce weight of any vehicle; it’s rotational mass as well as unsprung weight. Removing unsprung weight as the suspension compresses and decompresses is key to improving steering response and vehicle traction. In addition, reducing rotational mass also improves the acceleration and deceleration providing a significant advantage to performance and fuel economy.

Vorsteiner V FF 104 Flow Forged Monoblock Wheel 1 750x500

Less is More
Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged Technology is on average 25% lighter compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger. The majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less but stronger aluminum. High-pressure rollers heat, stretch and fortifies the barrel to the specified width and density, the molecular compound of the metal significantly hardens in a streamline direction.

Vorsteiner V-FF 104 Flow Forged Monoblock Wheel

Design Language & Balance
Vorsteiner believes the wheel is the single most significant improvement to a vehicle in terms of appearance and performance. Studying the design language of each vehicle allows them to determine which wheel styles can enhance or weaken the symmetry of the vehicle’s character. Not all wheel designs work with certain makes and models, so they created specific designs tailored bring out the balance and beauty to each individual.

Vorsteiner V-FF 104 Flow Forged Monoblock Wheel

Take a look at the wheel designs: