BMW has a very loyal following. It gained this following by creating some of the best driving cars on the market. But when you mention BMW to someone, their first thought is likely to be the M3. It’s BMW’s most famous and beloved car. There’s good reason for that, as it’s a near perfect blend of incredible performance, comfort and everyday usability. However, BMW has more great cars than just its hits.

One of the most underappreciated BMWs, at least I think, is the X3. No one seems to pay attention to it, yet it’s quietly one of, of not the best midsize SUV out there. It’s quick, has good handling for an SUV, comfortable, spacious and practical. It’s one of the more fun SUVs you can find today. Yet everyone seems to forget about it. If I had a young family and needed some extra space for kids and strollers and all sorts of other gear, I’d look at the X3 above all other things.


Another underappreciated BMW is the X6 M. It’s not forgotten, but underappreciated. People’s first reaction to the X6 M is usually negative. It’s too big, too expensive, too heavy, too ridiculous and the list goes on and on, complaining about its excess or how it’s unnecessary.


Magazines will race it around a track and instead of admiring its ability, they’ll talk about how it still isn’t a sports car. People seem to be missing the fact that to be able to make an elephant of that size dance as well as it does is one hell of an achievement. Also, it’s ridiculousness is awesome. Sometimes there’s a certain likability about something that exists solely for the purpose of being ridiculous.

The 5 Series GT also comes to mind.


Yes, it’s a big ugly dog. But that’s the only thing people say about it. No one bothers to actually drive it and take it on a long trip. It’s a superbly comfortable car and actually drives quite nicely. It has loads of space, luxury and storage. It’s a fantastic road trip car. And when the road gets twisty, it can certainly handle itself. It may not be the most exciting car around and it does look a bit frumpy, but it’s still a damn fine car to actually live with.

These are just a few, but I feel like there are a lot of current BMWs that get overshadowed by their M3 and M4 siblings. What do you think, what is the most under appreciated BMW, what is BMW’s best track from Side B?