Many families like to stick with one car brand. They buy a car, like the way that company does things, so they buy another, and another, and keep buying them for years to come. Then, when their kids are old enough to drive, they buy their kids one too. Certain car companies stick more than others; BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Volvo are all companies that gain loyal followings.

I can specifically attest for this concept. My family has always had a love for bimmers. My parents had an E28 5 Series, though it was bought in the early 90’s. Then several E34 5 Series, an E39 525i and an E60 530i. So basically they like 5 Series BMWs, but I had, and still have an E36 328i, which was my first car. So I have a BMW family. BMW also has so many offerings now, that there is one for each and every family member.


Very many people who hear that a BMW was my first car think that it’s because I come from money and my parents bought it for me. However, I bought my first car with my own money, all that I had actually, because of how much I enjoyed the brand. I absolutely adore my E36 and I never plan on getting rid of it. Despite whatever car I may purchase I’m the future, my trusty 328i will never leave my side. And when I eventually start a family, and children are old enough to drive, they’ll have my, ancient by then, E36 328i to drive and learn in.

That’s another great thing about BMWs, they’re great cars to learn how to drive in. Because the steering and brakes are so accurate and because they communicate what they’re doing so well, it helps you learn how to control a car even better. So if a teenager, like myself, learns to drive on a Bimmer, with their excellent driving characteristics, it almost spoils said teenager. Therefore, instilling a desire to own a BMW in that teenager, and the trend continues as they get older.

This sort of thing happens with many car brands, but BMW is definitely one that sticks more than others. While it’s an expensive brand to be enthusiastic about, especially at a young age, it’s worth the extra expense. BMW is a company with great history and excellent driving dynamics. And if a youngster buys an older, high mileage one, it can teach them how to make many repairs, like it did for me. So if a family wants to be a specific car family, BMW is a great brand to follow.