BMW is unveiling an update to the Navigation Maps in BMW cars. The Navigation system Professional has represented the ultimate in convenience and information en route to the destination ever since it was launched. When paired with the latest generation of this system, BMW ConnectedDrive enables regular automatic navigation updates. With the help of the vehicle’s built-in SIM card, the data is transmitted over the air via the mobile phone network, with no licensing fees or transmission costs for the end user.

The sophisticated BMW navigation systems are fast, easy to use and reliable. Besides the vehicle data and the route planning algorithms, up-to-date map material is of vital importance here. Updated navigation maps keep the system informed of new roads and modified traffic layouts. This data can be factored in for effective route planning in the same way as information such as altered town boundaries can be transmitted to the electrical system to assist with anticipatory energy management.


To allow the navigation system to access the very latest map material at all times, BMW ConnectedDrive is taking a different approach with the generation of the Navigation system Professional that is now available. With this system, the navigation maps now update automatically, putting an end to the problem of outdated datasets.

The new map data is simply transmitted straight to the vehicle over the mobile phone network using the vehicle’s built-in SIM card, thereby dispensing with the need for manual installation via an external data device.

The system updates itself at regular intervals several times a year, whenever a new map version becomes available. Update progress is shown in the Control Display, while installation couldn’t be simpler as it all takes place automatically. In this way, the most up-to-date map software is provided without delay to ensure flawless navigation. All navigation functions continue to be fully available while the update is in progress. There is no need to either register or log in to a portal for the automatic update.

This cutting-edge solution is included as part of the Navigation system Professional, and customers do not have to pay either licensing costs or data transmission charges. Besides automatic map updates, the ultra-fast transmission of very detailed data over the air using a SIM card embedded in the vehicle also paves the way for transferring the Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) used to optimise route calculations.