Whether comfort, safety, design or functionality is uppermost in their thoughts, BMW owners can lend their car an even more individual touch with high-quality Original BMW Accessories.

They can rest assured that every item in the Original BMW Accessories range has been developed specially for use in BMW models and is perfectly adapted for the job in hand. And with an array of new products available for any aspect of a BMW you’d care to mention, the extensive selection of Original BMW Accessories makes a more attractive proposition than ever.


Three new interior scents increase the feeling of wellbeing.
Refreshing, stimulating and rich in variety, the BMW Natural Air collection of interior scents boasts three new additions and a redesigned holder. The holder comprises a matt black plastic carrier and a high-quality lid with a gleaming, anthracite-coloured metal look. The intensity of the scent can now be adjusted precisely via the ventilation grille or the holder’s variable apertures. The new Vitalizing Woods fragrance combines elegant woody notes with a zesty orange and subtle vanilla aroma. Harmonizing Flowers – based primarily on the scent of jasmine and myrtle – brings to mind floral bouquets. And a delicate blend of citrus, lily of the valley and musk imbues the third new creation, Sparkling Raindrops, with an invigorating freshness. The newcomers join the tried-and-tested Purifying Green Tea, Energizing Tonic and Balancing Amber fragrance sticks in the range.

Retrofit hi-fi system from ALPINE lays on a stunning audio experience.


The new hi-fi system from ALPINE Electronics developed specially for BMW takes the in-car audio experience to another new level. Key to its performance are high-quality components (like the 420-watt hybrid six-channel DSP amplifier and improved three-way speaker system) along with the fine-tuning of the overall system to the acoustic environment inside the car. Time correction for the individual channels produces a very natural soundstage that replicates a live performance – be it jazz, pop, rock or classical music. Rear passengers can also look forward to an outstanding audio experience thanks to DSP equalisation of the rear speakers. The chrome ALPINE logo on the tweeter grilles in the front door mirror triangles lend visual emphasis to the enhanced audio performance delivered by the ALPINE hi-fi system.

Innovative BMW Head-Up Screen makes driving safer.

Driving a car without the BMW Head-Up Display doesn’t mean missing out on the additional safety it provides. Indeed, the innovative new Head-Up Screen from the Original BMW Accessories range likewise allows navigation instructions and the latest vehicle information to be displayed in the driver’s field of view. The Head-Up Screen can be used in almost all BMW vehicles, workshop installation is quick and the cable used to connect it with the vehicle electronics is barely visible. It can also be retrofitted at any time. All the information can be viewed on the transparent display and is positioned directly in the driver’s line of sight. The information on the Head-Up Screen is very easy to read, even in direct sunlight, which means drivers no longer have to take their eyes off the traffic and can concentrate without interruption on events on the road. The result is an improvement in both safety and comfort at the wheel. The Head-Up Screen shows a range of vehicle information, such as the fuel gauge and – when the temperature drops – a warning of black ice. Other functions include an output display, torque display, cruise control display, the current speed limit, a traffic jam warning and the altitude above sea level. Complementing the Head-Up Screen is the BMW Head-Up Screen app for Android and iOS, which can be used to adjust all the Head-Up Screen’s settings, such as the display brightness and selection of information to be shown. The BMW Head-Up Screen receives its navigation data via Wi-Fi using an app on the driver’s smartphone developed by Garmin and BMW (available for Android and iOS). Owners can download a free update for the navigation app once a year. Both apps are free.

Universal snap-in adapter for all current Apple iPhones.


The new Connect Universal snap-in adapter connects all Apple mobile phones with the car using a lightning adapter. All users have to do is hook up their iPhone, and the communications and entertainment content stored on it comes effortlessly alive inside their car. As well as charging the phone, the snap-in adapter also acts as a safe and secure holder with its built-in bracket. To stop the adapter and connecting cable getting in each other’s way, however, the bracket can be moved into various positions or removed altogether. The connection with the exterior aerial is via inductive coupling.

Specially designed travel set for Convertibles provides additional load capacity.

With its hardshell cabin-size trolley case and practical carry bag, the new and elegantly sporty Original BMW Travel Set enhances flexibility and provides extra load capacity for Convertible models. The Travel Set can be fixed to the rear seat quickly and easily using the seatbelt. The trick here is that the bags can be stacked on top of, as well as next to, one another – which even leaves a seat free for a rear passenger. And to protect the Travel Set from theft when the roof is open, it can be anchored to the seat belt using security locks. The robust and hard-wearing trolley case is light and easy to move around, thanks to its four rotating wheels and a telescopic handle with grip. The carry bag, meanwhile, has an adjustable inner partition and various pockets attached to the outside, ensuring items are stowed away tidily and can be quickly accessed. The printed BMW lettering and highlights provide a particularly elegant icing on the cake for the titanium-coloured trolley and carry bag.

Practical holder for Apple and Samsung tablets.

The BMW Travel & Comfort System family is part of the Original BMW Accessories range and includes a practical holder for Apple and Samsung tablets, which can be locked onto the base carrier system safely and effortlessly. It comes with a 360° rotating frame, which allows the rear passengers to turn the tablets horizontally or vertically, thus ensuring a full and comfortable user experience – both for office applications and for gaming, listening to music and watching films. In addition, the height and angle of the tablet holder can be adjusted by simply pivoting and tilting it. The familiar BMW design and impressive material and product quality of the BMW Travel & Comfort System tablet holder meet all safety stipulations governing in-car use and blend harmoniously into the interior of BMW models.

Tablet DVD system brings superb entertainment to the rear compartment.

The BMW Tablet DVD system lays on entertainment in the rear compartment – and not only for children over long journeys. With its chrome-coloured border, it fits in seamlessly with the BMW design language. The BMW Tablet DVD system comes with a pair of seven-inch colour screens, one of which contains an integrated DVD player. The accompanying holders allow quick and crash-safe attachment of the screens to the head restraint support bars. The Tablet DVD system offers numerous interfaces and connection ports for transferring data, as well as an integrated speaker, all of which makes this a fully-fledged mobile entertainment system for watching films, showing photos, and listening to music and audio books. Comfortable infrared headphones can be added as an option. A single tablet version of the BMW Tablet DVD system is also available with just one display and a DVD player.

BMW Bluetooth headset enables user-friendly telephone calls on the move.


The new-generation BMW headset makes it even easier to make telephone calls during a journey. It connects easily with a mobile phone and can be operated using buttons, gestures or voice commands – the latter allowing the driver’s hands to remain on the steering wheel. As well as ensuring drivers can easily understand what their conversation partner is saying, the headset’s outstanding sound quality and ambient noise suppression also allow them to listen to music and audio books. The headset enables two devices – e.g. one private and one business phone – to be linked up to it. It can also be used outside the car, making it ideal for both work and leisure purposes.

BMW LED door sill plates for an illuminating experience.

The BMW LED door sill plates turn heads whenever you open the front doors. A white illuminating BMW badge, which is also easily visible during the day, catches the eye every time you climb on board. The badge is framed by high-quality metal with a brushed stainless steel look and creates an aura of class. The battery-powered LED door sill plates are extremely quick to fit due to the lack of cabling required. When the door is closed – or after 30 seconds – the illumination automatically switches off again. The two button cell batteries have a lifespan of approximately three years.

Unique light concept featuring BMW LED door projectors.
BMW LED door projectors from the Original BMW Accessories range provide a whole new form of door entry illumination. When the doors are opened, they not only cast out a beam of light, but also project a graphic onto the floor area near the door opening. It is a highlight feature that draws the attention every time you get in or out of the car at dusk or in the dark. The motif can also be changed, as desired. Customers have a choice of BMW logo, BMW wordmark, M logo and the letter X for BMW X models.

BMW touch-up paint stick set provides self-fix solutions for minor paint damage.

Small scratches and stone chip damage are annoying – and not always avoidable. In many cases, though, a BMW touch-up paint stick set can help, often allowing minor paint damage to be repaired by the owner and saving them a trip to the workshop. The set consists of a BMW base coat and clear coat, which means the two-coat structure of the original paintwork can be restored. In a practical feature, the brush for applying the paint is integrated directly into the screw-on cap.

Special care products for modern matt paint finishes.

Matt paint finishes are steadily growing in popularity. In order to provide sustained care for these special paint finishes and maintain their special effect over a long period, the Original BMW Accessories range contains products to clean and care for matt finishes. The selection of care products includes shampoo, special cleaner, special express wax and nano wax. All the products complement each other perfectly in terms of effect and provide the best possible protection for BMW matt paint finishes.

LED front foglamps with cornering light function for improved visibility.
Another safety-enhancing item in the Original BMW Accessories range are the LED front foglamps with cornering light function. They provide broader than usual illumination of the road, and the integrated cornering light function improves visibility when turning off, manoeuvring, parking and negotiating hairpin bends. The right or left foglamp lights up as required in response to the steering angle and activation of the right- or left-hand indicator, and gives the driver significantly better and more extensive visibility in the otherwise dark area to the side of the car. Replacing the halogen front foglamps with LED units is easy, as they fit neatly into the relevant mounts. The cornering light function can also be retrofitted in existing halogen front foglamps.

BMW blue halogen bulbs provide improved lighting and a xenon effect.
“To see and be seen more effectively” sums up the mission statement of the BMW blue halogen bulbs. Joining the BMW H3, H7 and H11 blue halogen bulbs are the new BMW H8 blue halogen bulbs, which bring a stronger xenon light colour to the car’s daytime running light rings and front foglamps, as well as the cornering lights. BMW blue halogen bulbs generate an up to 30 percent brighter light, which enables improved illumination of the road and gives the headlights an attractive blue “xenon” effect. Also available alongside the BMW blue halogen bulbs are BMW blue xenon bulbs (D1S and D2S), which generate a bluish-white light similar to that of LED headlights, plus BMW power halogen bulbs (H7 and H11) and BMW power xenon bulbs (D1S and D2S). Their significantly greater light output enables the headlights to offer even greater range, ensuring fatigue-free driving in darkness as well.

Power is fed to the battery conveniently and efficiently using the BMW battery charger and Battery Comfort Indicator.
The battery charger from the Original BMW Accessories range is far more than a normal charger. It has reverse polarity protection and is suitable both for fully automatic charging of 12-volt batteries in eight stages and for maintenance charging. In addition, it has a battery diagnosis function to identify aging batteries, reconditions batteries with a low charge, optimises charging on cold winter days and even tops up high-end AGM batteries, which require particularly sensitive charging. A display keeps the driver permanently informed of the charging process. Charging the battery is particularly easy with the Battery Comfort Indicator (available separately), which makes it even simpler to hook up the charger to the battery and displays the battery status at all times.