Two weeks ago, BMW extended an invitation to participate at a special event in the heart of Munich. The famous BMW Welt was hosting an event focusing on innovation, mobility and gadgets – or to be more specific, wearables.

Wearables is the latest trend in the tech world and many companies are looking to develop a digital strategy around them. Wearable computers, also known as body-borne computers or wearables are miniature electronic devices that are worn by the bearer under, with or on top of clothing. In many applications, user’s skin, hands, voice, eyes, arms as well as motion or attention are actively engaged as the physical environment.


Probably one of the most famous wearable today is a smartwatch, brought to market by companies like Pebble, Samsung and soon, Apple.

Over 250 guests and entrepreneurs gathered at the Welt for the networking event and demo presentations.

With BMW focusing on mobility and ConnectedDrive, we wouldn’t be surprised if BMW will design their own wearable or partner up with another company. Imagine a BMW smartwatch that can augment your key fob and tell you information about your vehicle, or perform functions on your behalf.

Here is the video from the successful event: