BMW designer Jochen Paesen shares with the world his passion for photography and automotive sketches.

Born in Belgium and lived in South Africa, France, England, Netherlands and Germany, Paesen put to work his passion for industrial design first at the Coventry University in England, then for two years at the Royal College of Art. He has previously worked for Volkswagen for five years, before joining BMW in 2006.

Jochen is the interior designer of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics and the current BMW 6 Series Convertible.

Paesen_BMW sauber 2006 Heidfeld Paesen_Piquet_M1_Procar Paesen_BMW 507 Paesen_mini

As a designer, art and photography are never far away and Jochen’s passion extends beyond his job into his spare time. He not only sketches amazing automobiles, but he travels around Europe to capture some of the most exciting car races.

His work can be found here: