Last Friday, BMW teased us with a short video of a car promised to be unveiled on Monday and the video turned out to be a silly attempt at viral content.

Sometimes you get one shot to really stand out with something and when you promise and underdeliver then you lose that credibility and any chance to do something cool in the future.

And BMW has just done that. The mysterious video teaser is just an advertising of the new BMW i3 that has no meaningful message behind it. We’re simply looking at a BMW i3 that carries a child in the back seat who plays a video game, hence the “cool exhaust sound” everyone has been talking about for the last few days.


Will it be an i3M? How about a different i3 REx? i3 Coupe?

NOPE! Just an i3 ad!

Lesson learned and we’ll be more careful next time before taking the bait and creating some online buzz for no reason whatsoever.

Now this is a real viral video which we helped bring tens of thousands of visitors to it: