BMW Museum in Munich is displaying an unique BMW 507 Roadster which belonged to Elvis Presley.

The 1957 BMW 507 is showing its age and BMW plans to restore the beautiful and historical roadster.The vehicle rolled off the assembly line in 1957 with the chassis number 70079 and Elvis Presley was the initial owner after paying $3,750.

Presley’s car, no. 70079, had earlier been used as a press demonstrator by BMW and raced by Hans Stuck. Before Elvis took it over the engine was rebuilt and a new transmission was installed. The original white paint was also replaced with a Porsche Red color.


Elvis reportedly gave another 507, no. 70192, to Ursula Andress.

It was imported into the United States in 1960 and was bought by Alabama disc jockey Tommy Charles, who had it extensively modified, including having the engine replaced with a Chevrolet V8.

The BMW 507 participated in local drag races and in 1968 was sold to an engineer from California named Jack Castor who wanted to restore it but it ended up spending decades in a warehouse.


Earlier this month, Castor shipped the 507 from California to Munich at BMW’s headquarters and will be exhibited for a short while in the museum before restoration work will begin.

[Source: Bimmertoday]