UK journalist Chris Harris will soon take possession of a BMW M235i fitted with M Performance Parts.

“As a genuine M-car snob, I find this new sub-brand from BMW most interesting,” says Harris for PistonHeads. “I have always winced when I saw the blue and purple dressed on anything that wasn’t built in Garching, and that’s a regular occurrence in the UK because we seem unable not to buy the M Sport version of anything. But these M Performance variants are proper jobs, developed by engineers from both BMW M and the regular car teams.”

So what options is Harris fitting onto the car?


No less than 9, 522 British Pounds worth of upgrades, from cosmetic ones to the optional rear differential and upgraded M Sport Exhaust System.

Parts fitted and cost:

Red caliper and drilled brake discs – 1,725
Brake discs – 151
M Performance front attachment – 348
M Performance side sill attachment right – 90
M Performance side sill attachment left – 90
M Performance rear spoiler, carbon – 382
M Performance rear diffuser, black matt – 310
M Performance foil, side sill, left/right – 97
M Performance Side stripes black/red – 93
M Performance exterior mirror caps right – 251
M Performance exterior mirror caps left – 251
M Performance kidney grille left – 47
M Performance kidney grille right – 47
M Performance steering wheel II with sport display – 1,250
M Performance interior carbon/Alcantara – 625
M Performance gearknob carbon/Alcantara – 172
M Performance handbrake carbon/Alcantara – 127
M Performance limited-slip differential – 2,520
M Performance sports exhaust – 735
M Performance carbon tips – 211

Total – 9,522

With all those options added to the already super sporty M235i, the test drive review should be glorious, so we expect Harris to put the car through some intensive driving and drifting.

Stay tuned for the review!