With the launch of the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, the choice for BMW consumers becomes harder than ever. On one hand, the Bavarians are offering a versatile, and fairly good looking, 3 Series Gran Turismo, and on the other hand, the elegant and sporty-looking 4 Series Gran Coupe.

Furthermore, both these models are based on the F30 platform and both have four frameless doors and a roof tailgate. Due to its design, the F34 3 Series Gran Turismo does offer a roomier cabin and a more comfortable ride, while the four-door coupe is simply a more practical version of the two-door 4 Series Coupe.

Bild Vergleich BMW 4er GC Gran Coupe F36 3er GT F34 06 750x562

Based on our driving experience, the 3 GT delivers a softer ride and handling, and while we have not had the opportunity yet to test drive the 4 Series Gran Coupe, we can assumed, based on the specs, that the ride quality is more dynamics, tight and aggressive.

On the technical side we find the largest difference between the two models is in the wheelbase, because the BMW 3 Series GT uses the 11 centimeters longer base of China’s 3 Series long version model. The four-door coupe and the two-door coupe are both built atop the wheelbase of the F30 3 Series Sedan, regular size.

Bild Vergleich BMW 4er GC Gran Coupe F36 3er GT F34 03 750x562

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe is about 18 cm shorter than the 3 Series GT.

The significantly larger dimensions are also reflected in the weight: depending on the engine of the BMW 3 Series GT, the weight is between 50 and 65 kilograms more than the 4 Series Gran Coupé F36. Together with the significantly lower center of gravity, and the front and back a few millimeters wider track, a clear driving dynamics benefit for the four-door 4 Series is expected, so one wonders why should I buy the 3 GT over the 4 Series Coupe? Pricing can be ignored for now.


[Source: Bimmertoday]