Japanese tuner 3D Design releases new photos of their BMW 4 Series Coupe tuning program which includes lots of styling upgrades for the interior and exterior.

The 3D Design F32 M-sport kit features a urethane or carbon fiber front lip, optional carbon fiber lower splitters, urethane trunk spoiler, and carbon fiber rear diffuser. The program also offers a quad tip exhaust system built by Arqray Japan.

See below the parts description:

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Front Lip Spoiler

Material : urethane
Application : F32 M-SPORT
Part No. : 3101-23211
Description : urethane construction. The front lip spoiler attaches to M-SPORT front bumper.

Under Splitters

Material : CFRP
Application : F32
Part No. : 3102-23211
Description : For add-on to the Front Lip Spoiler

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Rear Diffuser for 4 tip (435i)

Material : CFRP
Application : F32 M-Sport(435i)
Part No. : 3108-23221
Description : Carbon Fiber construction for use with 4-tip exhausts.


Trunk Spoiler

Material : urethane
Application : All F32 exceptM4
Part No. : 3109-23211
Description : Spoiler attached to the rear trunk on all F32 coupe models
Roof Spoiler

Material : urethane
Application : All F32
Part No. : 3110-23211
Description : Rear Spoiler for attachment to the top of the rear widow.

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