Though the BMW X1 is the least expensive Sports Activity Vehicle, it represents a veritable bargain. The X1 in appearance and position, bridges BMW’s cars and their sport-utes. The X1’s lower ground clearance than the other X models gives it a cross over appearance, ala Subaru.

The X1 was introduced in Europe in 2010 but was such a successful selling model that there wasn’t enough capacity to bring it to the United States until the Model Year 2013. For 2015 model year, BMW is adding minor changes to colors, ambiance as they say, and new optional equipment.

bmw x1 ambience 03 750x500

Last year BMWBLOG had an opportunity to put the X1 xDrive28i to a through test with 11,000 ft mountain passes in the Rockies in the snow and ice. We found it to be a very stout vehicle that had no trouble toting this author’s family and our snow skiing gear. The BMW X1 is on sale now and the new interior and equipment options will be available in later in 2014 as a 2015 Model.