Our own James Bachici recently sat down with some of 343 Industries’ biggest automobile fans to pick their brains about the cars they love, what they’re excited about driving in Forza Motorsport 5, and more.

343 Industries, commonly shortened to 343i, or just 343, is an American video game developer located in Kirkland, Washington. It was established in 2007 by Microsoft Studios to oversee development of the Halo science fiction media franchise, which includes video games, novels, comics, and other multimedia content. Its name derives from 343 Guilty Spark, a character within the Halo universe.

Bachici holds the Associate Producer / Playtest Coordinator role within 343.

Here is an excerpt from the Q&A with the 343 team.

Kiki Wolfkill

What is your role at 343 Industries and what does a normal workday look like for you?

I am an Executive Producer at 343. I was the EP on Halo 4 and am now EP on secret top secret Halo secret stuff including the not-so-secret Halo TV series. There’s a lot of lounging and eating of bonbons… wait, that’s someone else’s life.

What was your first car?

A 1977 Mazda Truck also known as the Mazda Rotary Pick-Up, or Mazda REPU (its slogan was the “the pickup with pickup”). Not glamorous but highly-functional. I remember it let out a really loud-pitched beep when you hit the rev limiter.

So, when did you realize you have a passion for cars/trucks/bikes?

When I tried to jump my tricycle off a small ramp a la Evel Knievel. I failed… excessively.

So this is much safer! Which cars are you excited to drive in Forza 5?

The Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (too poor to buy in-game yet) and of course the new McLaren P1, it’s too sexy to pass up. The 2012 Lotus Exige S has got to be a perfect track racer, too.

Those are some really nice cars! Given the opportunity and an unlimited budget, what one car would you consider buying from the world of Forza 5, and why?

I would be torn between the Aston Martin Vanquish and the Ford GT (2005) – both are gorgeous from a design perspective and have that balance of grace, power, and aggressiveness that I dig in a car. If I were smarter, I’d go for something like the original Ford GT but I’m not that bright.

What do you think about the new Forza/Halo Livery?

I’m continually blown away by the power of the livery editor and what can be created – I love having all the new materials to play with since frankly my livery skills are well, undeveloped.

What do you currently drive?

I drive a 2013 Porsche Cayman S.

If the Master Chief got transported to the present, what car would he drive?

The 1969 Ford Mustang Boss of course… the name says it all. That said, he is 7’2” so his only choice might be 343’s own Warthog.

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