Emir Haveric provided a complete package for the 2014 BMW 2 Series – the campaign, the brochure, a calendar, and a video that feature the new model ahead of its official debut at January’s North American International Auto Show.

Set against a crimson sky in the L.A. desert, the images look unlike other car advertisements. “I would take one shot and think, ‘This is the best shot of the campaign,’ and then I’d make a better one … [but] I never arrive to the location knowing what the shot will look like,” Haveric remarked. “I have to be influenced by the light, the setting, the perspective, and the people around me.”


For Haveric, the calendar was an exercise in storytelling. “It’s another type of car photography,” he explained. “I was able to create scenes where the car plays a second role, but is still very present. The client loved it and it was a good experience for BMW to see what the brand can do with its imagery.”

His short film for the 2 Series premiered online and was sent to prospective customers as a teaser. Haveric and his team oversaw all aspects of its production from editing the footage to integrating an original score.


[Source: Ba-Reps]