The BMW ConnectedDrive range of features is set to gain even further in appeal and variety in autumn 2013 with the introduction of a fresh round of innovations which further enhance comfort, safety and therefore also driving pleasure. The optional Driving Assistant Plus system now also includes the Traffic Jam Assistant function, and the new generation of the BMW Parking Assistant also makes its debut – likewise on the options list.

Traffic Jam Assistant increases comfort in stop-start situations on motorways. This system maintains a pre-set distance to the vehicle in front and slows the car to a standstill. It also actively takes over the steering, helping the driver to stay in their lane (provided they are holding the steering wheel with at least one hand). The version of Driving Assistant Plus with this new auxiliary function will be available for all BMW 5 Series models from November 2013 and for the BMW X5 from December 2013.


The fully automatic BMW Parking Assistant – which will be available for the first time from autumn 2013 – also boasts extended functionality. This system helps the driver to identify and drive into parking spaces positioned parallel to the road. The new version of the Parking Assistant not only carries out the steering movements required to reverse across into the parking space, it also controls the accelerator and brake pedal and selects the correct gear – all the driver has to do is activate the relevant turn signal indicator and hold down the Parking Assistant button, and the vehicle will glide fully autonomously into the parking space selected. The fully automatic Parking Assistant will be available for the BMW 5 Series Sedan and BMW 5 Series Touring from November 2013 and for the new BMW X5 from December 2013.