The folks at XCAR Films are pairing up with Evolve Automotive to showcase the a BMW E60 M5 that now produces 568bhp.

According to the company, the Evolve E60 M5 Stage 3 achieves highest ever top speed for any S85 V10 production car at VMAX Bruntingthorpe of 192 mph.

Here are the full details on the Stage 3 tune, along with the video:


Stage 3 BMW E60 M5 Evolve ECU Flash | Remap + Evolve Tubular Headers

ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax
Replacement High Flow Primary CAT’s
E60 M5 S85 V10, performance gain approx. 60-70hp incl. V-MAX release

Price: £3900 inc VAT and £3250 without VAT

Installed price: £4680 inc VAT

A further development over stage 2 giving further gains by replacing the restricitve stock headers with Evolve Tubular Headers.

UK MOT emissions tests will pass if you keep your stock secondary cats in place.

A massive 400 lb.ft (542Nm) torque is now available at 6250rpm with a power rising to approximately 560-570 bhp.

Additional maps are changed to take into account the reduced back pressure.