A new challenge forBMW Group DesignworksUSA: This time, Thermaltake asked the BMW Group subsidiary to develop a design concept for a high-end gaming headset which was to widen the Level_10 gamer’s experience. Following the successful design collaboration on the Level_10 chassis in 2009, Thermaltake commissioned the design consultancy with a design concept for a series of innovative accessories for pro gamers which should take up and extend the computer design story. The Level_10 M Mouse was the first gaming accessory to be launched in 2012. The Level_10 M Headset project marks the third collaboration. The challenge was to translate the Level_10 design language into the headset design. In this way the gamer´s Level_10 experience was to be extended to the physical world through a product that is being directly touched and interacted with during the game.

“The Level_10 M Headset successfully extends the Level_10 spirit and design quality to one of the core accessories for gamers”, said Sonja Schiefer, Director of the Munich Studio, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “With the addition of the headset we have now created a consistent family of products with a unique, iconic, and exciting appeal, the perfect match for the emotional world of gaming.”

thermaltake Tt eSPORTS 01 655x655

Maximum Concentration on the Game.

The headset is one of the core pieces of the game which allows the professional gamer to achieve the best performance in competition and to experience an intense gaming session. Once the gaming headset is attached, the player, totally focused and oblivious of his surrounding, immerses into another world. The professional gamer is no longer distorted by ambient sounds and is sealed off acoustically from its environment in a closed atmosphere. This allows maximum concentration on the essential, namely the game.

No other gaming accessory other than the headset is attached so closely to the body. Therefore, the player perceives it as an enhanced sensory organ which serves to discern important acoustic information. As a spatial immersion into the game, the headset is extending the game to the body sense.  Only precise acoustic details allow clues for orientation to be discerned during the game. Minimal sound changes can produce the illusion that a noise or the opponent comes from “rear right” or “front left”. Thus, gaming without a headset is like trying to find your way in the dark.

Ergonomic Solutions.

The greatest challenge for the designers was to translate the geometric language of the lead product, the Level_10 Computer chassis onto a piece of equipment which is so close to the body and thus naturally asks for ergonomic solutions. The headset successfully translated the iconic Level_10 design language into a pure/bended aluminum design, negative-space and an overall architectural-structure finish. The result is a solid, yet lightweight looking headset with an audiophile design character. The curved layering effect of the ear piece resembling sound waves has been directly adapted from the tower design concept. Further design elements that reflect the distinct Level_10 design language are the red square and the two rounded edges on four sides of the ear cups. To respond to the organic aspect of the sound and the acoustic world, organic design elements have been implemented to the headset.

The features of the Level_10 M Headset.

  • High-End Sound Quality:  The Level_10 M Headset is equipped with a 40mm driver unit and embedded with Tt eSPORTS’ most advanced acoustic engineering in saturating the sound output quality. Gamers will experience the richness of the sound at low frequency sound, purifying sensation at mid frequency, and harmonic at the high frequency. Tt eSPORTS takes care of each frequency region so the gamers can fully exploit the headset’s acoustic advantage especially when the sound is minimal. The Level_10 M Headset can easily detect the sound frequency at 10K frequency – virtually undetectable by human ears.
  • Solid Aluminum Base and Maximum Comfort: Made of solid aluminum elements the Level_10 M Headset is robust, yet has a lightweight appearance with a high comfort level that even after hours of playing is still comfortable. Large headphone capsules and a smooth-surface headband provide maximum comfort for hours which is essential for the professional gamer. Sliding adjustments and an adjustable microphone provide customized fit and thus additional comfort.
  • Foldable and adjustable Microphone: The microphone is foldable so it can be tucked away if not needed. This also allows for easy storage in small shelves or desks and during transportation.
  • Remote clip: The remote is equipped with a clip prompting quick access to the capacity volume switch.
  • Air-Through Ventilation System: Additionally the Headset is fitted with exquisite texture.  Its conductive character provides for a better air and temperature exchange as a means of passive ventilation, solving issues due to heavy use, the direct touch of gaming equipment, and the rise of head temperatures.

Level_10 M Headset in the market.

The official product launch was held in March 2013 at Hanover, Germany in CeBIT 2013 exhibition. As of May 2013, the headset will be available at most major retail stores and online in the US, Europe and Asia.

Available in black and white. Sales price will be around 149.99 US Dollars.

The Level_10 M Headset will also be displayed at Tt eSports’ website at www.ttesports.com.