Robert, one of our readers, and a proud owner of Z3 E36 model, sent in a question regarding the recommended maintenance for this rare and unique model.

I have a Z3 series E36 with a M44 1.9 engine. Around to turn over 30,000 miles (I drive around 1,500 miles/year). What do you recommend for maintenance?  No mechanical or performance problems (the 4-cylinder Z is not much of a speedster). I’m inclined to do nothing but an oil change.

Will a tune-up really make a difference? Ignition coils are pricey.
Our own Chuck Vossler offered an extensive recommendation on how to properly maintain this fine automobile:
Assuming it’s been on BMW scheduled maintenance, I would think that you have only done two oil changes.  If it were my car I would change the oil and oil filter,  air filter, the cabin air filter, the fuel filter, spark plugs, and the differential and transmission fluid.
Lastly, I would make sure to change the coolant,  thermostat and  water pump.  Make sure to only use BMW factory coolant that is blue: all others have stuff that can hurt the alloys in your cooling system.  Bimmerworld and a Bavarian Autosport also sell some stuff would work but those are the only places I would get it.
It would depend if any shocks or bushings were leaking or worn, but If they are you could consider putting new shocks. I like Konis myself.  As far as bushings go I prefer PowerFlex.
Don’t forget about brake fluid!
The above recommendations are if you plan to keep it for the rest of your natural born life!
Good luck!