3D Design Japan has worked at a rapid pace in an effort to create a comprehensive aero program for F30 owners of all trims. Whether your vehicle is Sport line, Modern line, touring model, or M-sport the Japanese manufacturer has a solution for you. Furthermore, 3D Design will continue to develop new products throughout the chassis life cycle so stay tuned for more!

The most recent addition to their F30 program is a carbon fiber diffuser that accommodates the BMW 335 split single tip as well as a carbon variant for their F30 m-sport front lip spoiler. Both the urethane and carbon front lip can be fitted with the carbon fiber under splitters.

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3D Design also created a fully integrated gauge pod, 328i 4 x 76mm JASMA spec exhaust, billet aluminum pedal sets, as well as billet aluminum shift knob and e-brake handle. For the Japanese domestic market 3D Design provides vehicle owners with a fully adjustable suspension kit.

F30 Aero Program

• F30 M-sport front lip spoiler (CFRP)
• F30 M-sport front lip spoiler (Urethane)
• F30 M-sport under splitter (CFRP)
• F30 M-sport rear diffuser (CFRP 4 tip)
• F30 M-sport rear diffuser (CFRP 2 tip, 335i, ActiveHybrid)
• F30 front lip spoiler for sport-line (Urethane)
• F30 Trunk spoiler (Urethane)
• F30 Roof Spoiler (Urethane)

F30 Interior Accessories

• MT/AT billet aluminum pedals with rubber inserts
• Billet aluminum shift knob with suede insert
• Billet aluminum e-brake handle with suede insert
• Integrated gauge pod (Accommodates any 52mm gauges)